We all enjoy our college and university life, but then we all get the reality check after we graduate. No matter how cool we tend to be in our university or in our group, after graduation we become a part of a bigger race where our ‘cool attitude’ isn’t the criteria to be successful in real life. You may see many of your classmates and batch-mates (even those who have lower GPA than yours) are getting jobs and you are not even getting a single interview call after applying in many companies.

This whole period of being a jobless graduate can put you in severe depression at times, and you might start cursing your university for not playing its part in getting its graduate a job, or you might start blaming government for not creating enough job opportunities for fresh graduates. All your feelings are perfectly alright, but dear friend, the reality is, just being sad about the situation isn’t enough to change the situation. You must do something for yourself in order to change the circumstances. You are not alone, it is happening to almost every graduate in Pakistan since almost a million students are getting degrees every year, but there are not enough jobs in the market.

There is rising trend of Pakistani students visiting Dubai in the search of a job. So, I thought I should share my experience that might be helpful. I have shared how to get a Dubai Visit Visa in my previous post and in this new post that you are reading I would like to share some tips that would help you in getting a job in Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman or in any other state of UAE.

Clever Tips to Get a Job in Dubai Successfully

Since the main purpose of visiting Dubai is getting a job, you should extremely be focused on this, and try not to lose yourself in the charms of Dubai. Since you are fresh graduate, you might not have any work experience, but if you have any internship experience, proudly mention it on your CV.

1) Get a long-term visit visa (3 month visit visa). 1 month is just too short for job hunting in UAE. You won’t even get to know how things work in Dubai and your 1 month visit visa would expire. So, it is suggested that you get a 3 month visit visa.

2) It is smart to make multiple versions of your CV. You may be a good fit for multiple positions and it is clever way to have different CVs for different roles that you can professionally do very well.

3) Make sure you have well crafted your CV according to Dubai Market and it gives a professional image of you. It is suggested that your CV is no longer than 1-page unless extremely necessary. It is not some sort of assignment, it’s a CV. Use a professional picture in your CV, I repeat, use a professional picture in CV, no need to look cool unless you are applying as a model.

4) Stop wasting time on LinkedIn. It does NOT work very well for fresh graduates, and I am saying this after observing it for almost 3 years. It is fine to have an active and update profile on LinkedIn, but reality is, it does not work that well as graduates might expect. You may use to connect with other professionals though, but do not expect much from LinkedIn.

5) No, door-to-door or office-to-office CV submission thing does not work in Dubai. Do not do this in UAE market. It does not work that way. Better you spend that amount of time searching for job in other way.

6) Go Local. The best approach to get a job in Dubai is, visit local job sites. There are many job classified sites, human resource companies and job portals that would claim to be the best site to find jobs in Dubai, DO NOT fall for their marketing claims. Many such websites ask for a registration fee, ignore such websites, and try other job sites. The sites that would work best in your case are Dubizzle, Indeed, Buzz Khaleej Times etc. These are basically job classified portals where employers as well as job seekers can post their ads for seeking a job / looking for an employee. Use these local job sites actively, daily, and post ads on these job sites. It works better than you can imagine.

7) Beware of scammers. There are recruitment companies in Dubai and Sharjah that would call you for an interview, and would ask you for 300-500 Durhams and promise you to get you a job in 2 months or else they would refund you your money. They are just scammers and time wasters, beware of them.

8) Ask. Do not hesitate. Do not feel shy asking your friends and relative who are living in UAE. Ask them if there is any opportunity with them. They may yes, or they may say no, but either way they will give you a possible lead.

9) I have seen graduates not getting a single interview call in their first month of stay in Dubai. And then they start getting calls from medium-size businesses. It is ok if you are getting calls from small or medium size companies. Do not ignore them. It is just a start. Answer their calls, respond to their emails, prepare your best and appear for interviews.

10) Be on time for interviews. Appear in professional attire. Look good. Smell good. Speak professionally. Do not leave an expression as if you are emotionally weak, narrow-minded, short-sighted or less-confident person. When they ask you about salary expectation, try to leave that decision up to them saying you will welcome a market-based salary. Know your strengths and weaknesses. You will have to answer this question in some interviews. Make sure there is truthfulness in your answer that can impress the interviewer.

11) Ask for follow up. Do not just appear for interviews and forget. Be proactive. After the end of interviews, ask the interviewer that when should you expect a response from them regarding their decision. Wait for that time, and then ask them by calling them or emailing them about their decision in a polite yet professional way.

12) Dubai’s atmosphere is warm. You might have never sweated in your life, but Dubai’s environment can make your body sweat and as we know, sweating stinks. So, having a deodorant is a must. Use your most favorite fragrance when you appear for interviews. Change your socks regularly too.

13) Do try to look for a job in other emirates of UAE. After Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are also ideal places to look for a job in UAE.

14) If you are failing badly in getting interview calls, which is happening to a lot of graduates due to economical fluctuation in Dubai, don’t lose hope. You might feel broke, give yourself courage, do visit tourism destinations around you to keep yourself engaged and motivated. Your parents might call you every day, do not give them a sad impression of what is happening. You are experiencing your life’s most important phase, be thankful while looking for the best.

Remember, you have came this far, do not lose hope in the journey of finding the best opportunity. Things are going to be aligned, sooner or later, but surely.

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