Internet is ruthless and there is no doubt about it. While it has become a usual practice trolling friends over the internet, even public figures and government officials are not given an easy way out. Recently, Imran Khan swapped the designations of his cabinet and Internet just got some fresh content to troll.

Fawad Chaudhry, who used to be Minister of Information, was given a new ministry and that too Ministry of Science and Technology. While he remained silent about his new role, the Internet didn't seem happy about this change.

Trolls from Twitter and Facebook started making memes about Fawad Chaudhry's new role, and damn, these are creative and people are finding it humorous, as it seems from their comments.

Check out these memes we found floating around the web.

1) On His Latest Invention of Measuring the Distance

Our boy Fawad just figured out the distance between Sun and the Earth. Woah!

2) Even His Candid Poses are Not Forgiven

Internet is not coming slowl at all. Trolls are not even forgiving Fawad's candid moments.

3) This is some Deep Research here

Some creative troll thinks Fawad has discovered some hidden properties of humanity.

4) Our Local Einstein, maybe?

Good job, the graphics guy. Whoever manipulated the image of Einstien with our local scientist.

5) Not just discovered, but actually Invented GAS

You heard it right. There is a serious convo going on, and trolls have figured out what that convo is about.

6) This is some serious research we all should know

Brown people love chai, and this research shall help the people across borders. Well done, Minister. We needed you.

7) Science officially disowns everything PMLN did

Yeah. PMLN has no contribution to science and technology. Nothing was invented by Nawaz Shareef or PMLN. So, yeah.

8) Great minds share body-language?

Well, I hope Stephen Hawking won't mind if we compared him with our boy Fawad Chaudhry. After all, he can pose like him, whichever is sort of science.

9) Discovering Natural Gas Reserves

This is dirty, so what. Trolls think Minister of Science has found a super secret way to discover natural gas reserves, that too in living humans. If animal fossils can produce gas, why not living humans. Good job Minister. You got us.

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