You might never have seen such video before where a differently-enabled person is playing cricket with one hand and throwing the ball out of the pavilion with the strength of one hand alone. This is a normal cricket league and not the league of differently-enabled people.

This video alone would be enough to bring motivation in anyone to never stop struggling to achieve excellence. You would find such talent in every region of most countries, which indicates that the world is full of talent and motivation that never stops people from achieving their dreams.

In this video, you would see a man is having only one hand but is playing more like Shahid Afridi and hitting sixes times and again while he is batting. While the name and city of this cricket are unclear, the batting performance of this cricketer is clearly showing he is pure talent and must be recognized.

If you have more such videos of this cricketer, send us to have them featured here, or if you know his name and city, please let us know so that we could mention his detail here.

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